Thank You for the Music

Here comes the weekend.  I’m looking out of my bedroom window.  It looks a little chilly and the tree limbs are swaying.  The sky is beautiful, dark mostly but with sprinkles of silver white clouds.  The parking lot of my condo is quiet with not a single person moving about.  I love times like this. Quiet rests my mind.  But….it isn’t long before music starts passing through my brain and right now for some reason I thought of ABBA.  Looks like my mood for the day will be an ABBA mood.  When you think of ABBA many many songs come to mind but the one I want to listen to first is below.  I’m in an ABBA mood and I’m in a Thank You mood. I feel thankful for my mother, the rest of my family, my cat Huckleberry who as usual is sitting at my side, and for all of the blessings in my life.  Yes, life is good today.  Thank You for reading.

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Waltzing Matilda

“The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”:  I heard a replay of Bob Kerry singing this song. He sang it in 1988 after winning the Senate race.  I confused the song with “Waltzing Matilda”, but I’ve learned that they are very different.  The song Kerry sang criticizes war and is about an Australian soldier who lost his limbs in the battle of Gallipoli during WWI. At the end of the song there are a few lines of “Waltzing Matilda”. It was quite moving to hear Kerry, who lost part of his leg in the Vietnam war.

I was going to post that song, but right now I’m in a mellow mood and “Waltzing Matilda” fits my mood much better.  I’ve always loved this song.

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O Sole Mio

When I was a teenager, I discovered a young singer by the name of Robertino. I bought his album and nearly wore it out.  I can sing every song by heart and I can hear the music in my mind as if it were yesterday. One of my favorite Robertino songs is: “O Sole Mio”.  I’m sure as the weekend approaches I’ll be playing his music every day!

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The Piano

I often refer to guitar in my blog because my father played guitar, but what would the world of music be without the sounds from a piano? I took piano lessons for 5-6 years and just as I admire the talent of guitarists, I am passionate about the sounds of this beautiful 88 key instrument.  This morning I wanted to play, but it’s too early for the rest of the household. So, I go to my music library and the first song that caught my attention was “Malaguena”.  What a magnificent piece of music.

For my mood of the day I give thanks to Ernesto Lecuona and his rendition of “Malaguena”.

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Sounds of Silence

Sometimes my life is complete even without music. But even when I am feeling quiet and at peace, memories of old songs  sneak into my mind and they won’t let go.  That’s what happened today. I was reflecting on how I spent the entire day without television or media, and Simon and Garfunkel  invited themselves into my memory bank. Once that happened, The Sounds of Silence wouldn’t go away.  Nor did I want it to.

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I Look To You

I started this blog as a tribute to my father and continue it as a tribute to the world of music.  Music brings out so many emotions. Music is there for us during good times, bad times, and sad times.

Today music filled New Hope Baptist Church in tribute to Whitney Houston.  And the music resonated world wide.  Thank you to the Houston family for sharing what for most other families would be a  private grieving moment.

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Whitney Houston

To Whitney’s family…thank you for letting the world into your church. The gospel music is penetrating my heart.

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