Thank You for the Music

Here comes the weekend.  I’m looking out of my bedroom window.  It looks a little chilly and the tree limbs are swaying.  The sky is beautiful, dark mostly but with sprinkles of silver white clouds.  The parking lot of my condo is quiet with not a single person moving about.  I love times like this. Quiet rests my mind.  But….it isn’t long before music starts passing through my brain and right now for some reason I thought of ABBA.  Looks like my mood for the day will be an ABBA mood.  When you think of ABBA many many songs come to mind but the one I want to listen to first is below.  I’m in an ABBA mood and I’m in a Thank You mood. I feel thankful for my mother, the rest of my family, my cat Huckleberry who as usual is sitting at my side, and for all of the blessings in my life.  Yes, life is good today.  Thank You for reading.

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