Feelings and Friends

This has been the most emotional morning.  Someone I know has been going through chemotherapy and this morning a photo was posted of him with his mother who is visiting from Germany.  I used to live in Germany and the image brought back many memories.  Along with those memories came the music I loved when I lived in Germany, one of which is “Aber Heidschi Bumbeidschi”.  It’s a lullaby and we heard it usually during Christmas.

So there I was starting to reminisce about Europe and Germany, listening to Aber Heidschi Bumbeidschi, when I received an email from a friend who going through a difficult time his life.  I won’t divulge the details, because they are personal, but I’ll share that he is making a major move in his life and right now he’s very sad.

I tend to take on the feelings of the people around me and sometimes that can’t make my emotions spin.  This morning I’m having some sad feelings, but last night I was enjoying a fun and happy evening at an arts gala where a student was displaying her graphic design project.   Last night laughing, this morning some tears, and through it all feeling as one with the feelings of my friends.

I think friendship means that when your friends are down, you are down because you have to be to try to understand what they are feeling.  And, when they are ecstatic you are too, because you want to celebrate their happiness with them.  But let’s not forget, that at the same time you are experiencing your own feelings, whatever those may be.  That’s an awful lot for one person to handle.

Feelings and friends….a big part of life, and how we respond molds us.  My father lived life to the fullest every day and he expressed his emotions to the fullest.  I inherited that trait, so today will be an emotional day.

As always, I have music to keep me balanced, and my selection of the day is one that few people will recognize, but it takes me back to my days in Germany. It’s a simple tune, with simple lyrics, but sometimes simple untangles the complexities of life:

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