Blog vs. Book

I was telling a friend of mine about my blog and he said “I don’t like blogs.” He thinks there are too many photos, videos, charts, etc. and not enough writing or “life stories”.  Maybe it’s a generational thing.  Both of us are Baby Boomers and we grew up with books, letter writing, newspapers, magazines. There were no computers or, Ipads, or smart phones.

Our “blogs” were diaries and journals and they were meant to be private.  So, I do get his point to a degree, but I really believe that there is a place for both blogs and books.  It’s fun and I get to interact with other writers.  It’s also a learning process for me, and who knows, maybe someday this will become the great American novel (big smile).

But in honor of the days of letter writing and pen and paper diaries, here’s a song from my past:

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