Super Bowl Sunday

I’m not a football fan and I didn’t watch today’s game.  (I guess that statement just lost me my Blog viewership, but I have to be honest.)

Well, actually, I watched the last 2-3 minutes, because I sat down at the computer to type, but before blogging I switched to ESPN to check the score.  I didn’t think much of it when I saw the Patriots leading.  I checked Facebook to find out which teams my friends were rooting for and most of them seemed to be for the Patriots.  I also opened up Twitter to follow other people’s comments.  Then my mischievous side surfaced and I decided to follow the rest of the game, hoping that my friends’ opposition would win.  (I’m not a mean person at heart, but it was kind of fun to root for the other team.) When I saw the Giants jump ahead at the last minute, even I got excited about it. Then I had to keep following the game.

And sure enough, it was an upset and I was a part of the millions of viewers.  Not bad for a non-football fan.

I must admit I got a little emotional thinking about all the celebrations that will certainly go on for the rest of the night, the partying and the music.  And when I thought of the music, it occurred to me that I hadn’t read about the half-time show.  I knew Madonna was the star and it didn’t take long to find her performance online. (God bless the Internet.)

I watched her performance over and over, only to come to the conclusion that not only am I not a football fan; I’m obviously also not a Madonna fan.  It was glitzy and exciting, but I just couldn’t connect to the music.

So my Super Bowl evening was coming to an end and while I could say that “my team” won, I couldn’t say that the event affected me much in any way.  So,  time to return to my blog.  But then, it hit me.

Every Super Bowl has a grand opening.  And the grand opening includes music.  Maybe there was something I could enjoy about the greatest football event of the year.  And was there ever.  Go Kelly!!!

(2/11/12) I finally give up. I keep posting Kelly singing the National Anthem on Super Bowl ’12 and it keeps vanishing.  I’ll leave it to my readers to find it themselves on You Tube.


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