Nancy Goes To Rio

What a difference a day makes! I’m an early riser (and a late night owl) and as much of a movie buff as I am a music fan.  I started my day with a TCM movie, “Nancy Goes to Rio”.  I miss the musicals of the “old days”.  This one had Jane Powell and Carmen Miranda, a dash of 50’s operetta and some spicy Brazilian samba.  Where else can you find a soundtrack with Gershwin and Puccini?

Carmen’s famous “Cae Cae” ( ) had me swaying to the music as I dressed to go out.  Anyone who knows the era could never forget her outrageous outfits and her signature fruit hats? And Jane Powell’s voice was like velvet when she sang “Love is Like This”. ( )  I never thought I’d be echoing my father’s words: “They don’t make music like that any more.”, but I felt that sentiment this morning.

That’s what I meant in my previous blog about music manipulating our moods.  Check out Carmen Miranda on You Tube and listen to “Baiao – Ca-Room Pa Pa”.  It’s absolutely nonsensical, but the rhythm is contagious and the rest of my day I walked to a samba beat.

As I post this, I’m  beginning to think that much of the music that touches me is  “old” for the blog generation.  Who’s going to even recognize the music that plays in my mind?  My generation is suspicious of the internet.  But, so what…music ties people together. When two people share the same passion for music, it doesn’t matter what their age or gender or cultural background is.  That’s why I hope I’ll learn how to add actual music to my blog.  I enjoy writing, but the silence is deafening.  Until then, I hope I can at least encourage others to experience new musical adventures.

By the way, if you’re trying to guess my age based on what I’ve written todaythere will be more clues as time goes on.  For now my blog and I are ageless.

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