Las Mananitas

It all started this morning when I uploaded Las Mananitas on a friend’s Facebook page.  I had to find the right one, so one hour later and about a dozen You Tube previews, I found just the right one.  Of course, the You Tube song I posted was followed by another, and another… and now my mood was set.  I was in the mood for Mexican music, I browsed You Tube for guitar music because my father played guitar, I listened to Tish Hinojosa, Antonio Bribiesca, Joan Baez.  The You Tube side menu kept directing me to similar music, and by noontime I was listening to Bob Dylan and finally to Pedro Fernandez.  Along with the music came lots of memories.  Music does that to you. I find that for me it takes me back in time, but it moves me forward in a particular mood.  Change the music I’m listening to and you change my mood.  More than a year ago I started this blog.  Here I am again, but I will persevere.  When I hear a song that changes my mood I’ll be back at the keyboard.  Feel free to follow along and who knows where my music will take you.

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