Well, as much as I had expected to be typing every day on my blog, obviously that has not happened.  And here we are two days before Christmas.  I shouldn’t even be writing now, because I should be packing for a visit to my aunt’s home. 

Packing always brings stress. Will it be cold or hot?  Should I take casual or formal?  How many pairs of shoes should I take?  How many changes of clothes? Will I have time to visit all my family and friends?  Will their feelings get hurt if I don’t visit? Do I have enough Christmas gifts?  So much to think about. 

This is a beautiful time of the year and packing for travel is just one of those things we have to put up with.  In keeping with the theme of my blog, “through my father’s eyes – the eternal optimist”….I’ll pack, cross my fingers I’m taking everything I need, and keep smiling.

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