Testing Optimism

I had planned that my second entry would be about the theme of my website and about a theory I am testing on positive thinking and optimism.  But amidst the many joyful things that happened this weekend, there was also sadness that can’t be ignored.

At the graduation ceremony a student’s mother walked on stage to receive his degree, because he was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Reality sets in.  Life is full of detours and wake-up calls.  At a time like this all one can do is support the family with condolences and prayers.

On that same day I learned details of another student in an accident.  Trying to stay in the holiday spirit when other people are feeling pain isn’t easy for me.  I want to reach out, I want to help, but what can someone offer at a time like this. Years ago I worked with young people who had suffered head injuries.  Trying to balance my life with the pains of the world and the optimism my father passed on to me is a challenge, but this is a not a time to philosophize; this is a time for caring.

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