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Well, as much as I had expected to be typing every day on my blog, obviously that has not happened.  And here we are two days before Christmas.  I shouldn’t even be writing now, because I should be packing for … Continue reading

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Step back and relax

It’s starting: excitement at work with the holidays approaching, crowded streets, Christmas card exchange, shopping, keeping up with e-contacts and social media, good news from friends and family, sad news from others.  What would my father do at times like … Continue reading

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Testing Optimism

I had planned that my second entry would be about the theme of my website and about a theory I am testing on positive thinking and optimism.  But amidst the many joyful things that happened this weekend, there was also … Continue reading

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Why start blogging today?

Attending a graduation ceremony stirs up many emotions: happiness, sense of pride, and hopefulness.  I attended my fifteenth graduation at St. Edward’s University. New students, but they have the same attitude I have witnessed in past years: nervousness about the … Continue reading

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