Keeping Up with Social Media

It’s been quite a while, but I’m back. It’s hard to keep up with blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin…..You focus on one and the others get neglected, which explains my absence from WordPress. But, I just saw a link on Twitter which just had to be added to my blog. Here it is:

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4 Minutes – 33 Seconds

Today I’m enjoying quiet. Or am I. I was surprised I didn’t turn on any music or t.v. Sitting in my living room looking beyond my balcony to the trees slowly swaying, my mother asleep, Huckleberry my cat amazingly still, I decided to remain quiet with only my thoughts. Not totally quiet, because I spent the time with my computer: reading blogs, looking at photos and reading about interests. Almost three hours have passed and I haven’t spoken a word to anyone or heard anyone speak. It’s the quietest life has been in a very long time. And I loved it!.

I started web searching: “the value of silence”. I came across an article: “Silence Please” by Susan Hill and “The Vows of Silence”. I was intrigued and found myself agreeing with much of what she had to say.

That search led me to John Cage, whom I had never heard of before, a composer and music theorist. He composed 4’33” performed in the absence of deliberate sound. I will probably now spend a couple of more hours reading about John Cage and “listening” to his music and continuing my day of silence. I’ve never been able to meditate, but I do like the state of letting my thoughts travel wherever they want and if there are any external sounds from the world around me, so be it, for now, I will just listen.

The central theme of my blog has been “Living Life One Song at a Time”. It could just as easily be “…One Sound at a Time”, because I think that as much as I love music, music to me can also come in the form of people talking, the purring of my cat, laughter, the sounds of nature and the city, and yes, even silence.

Enjoy 4’33″…

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My Mother

There is no other mother like mine….to me….the best mother in the world. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers for always being “the wind beneath our wings”…

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Dedicated to Graduating Seniors

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog.  But, it’s time to return. This weekend will be the commencement ceremony at my university.  Lots of emotion on my part with the graduation of many students I’ve grown close to.  For them though, it’s the beginning of a new journey and I wish them all a future filled with success and happiness.  And now…Pomp and Circumstance…

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Dream a Little Dream

Does anyone else dream like me? My dreams are so real and with incredible detail. They come to me in three types of visions: haunting nightmares about actual events in my friends’ lives (fortunately not my most recent experience), flashbacks to recurring scenes and people, and lengthy stories that could almost become plots for a film.

Last night I dreamed one of those movie plots. I know they say dreams last only minutes, but as far as I’m concerned, I was dreaming all night long and the thing that stirred me out of it was my cat Huckleberry nuzzling my face.

As soon as I awakened, it was almost as if someone hit the rewind button in my brain and the dream played back.  There was a hospital scene with a woman in the maternity ward, I was in New York at one of my favorite East River bridges, a cousin kept calling me with an update about the expectant woman in the hospital.  By the way, my cousin was wearing a floral dress a la Jason Wu.  I was calling to get a plane ticket for a flight to Houston, and the humor in my conversations with my cousin had me in stitches.

This morning I tried to figure out why I had that particular dream. Who had I spoken with recently? Why was my cousin calling from a “pay phone”? Who was having a baby? Why was I in New York?  Considering the recent events in my life, I couldn’t make any connections.  But that’s what’s interesting about dreams.  Try as we might we can’t figure them out, although some people would say otherwise.

In trying to interpret last night’s dream, this morning I found myself walking down memory lane, remembering my friends and relatives, and thinking how peaceful life will be for a while after a rough two-three weeks of sadness after the passing of a dear friend and fatigue from numerous events at work.

As usual, my memories turn to music and I “scrolled” my cerebral slide bar for songs about dreams.  All day long I’ve been humming Dream songs, but the one that has stayed with me the longest is Cass Eliot’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me”.  Hence, my song of the day is:

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My friend Cecil passed away Thursday, March 15.  I still can’t understand why he had to leave us so early in his life, and I still can’t believe that I’ll never hear him laugh again. Our tastes in music were often wide apart, but there was one singer we agreed on, Dinah Washington.  In tribute to my dearest friend, I dedicate this song by Dinah.

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Mambo Berry

What does yogurt have to do with mambo? In Austin, Texas quite a bit. My favorite yogurt vendor is back in town and the spectacular green tea yogurt is just as great as ever, especially with bananas, strawberries and walnuts. This is absolutely the best yogurt in town.  To celebrate my reunion with Mambo Berry I want to dedicate today’s song to them.  Perez Prado’s Mambo #5 seems appropriate and this clip with Cuban dancers in colorful costumes reminds me of Mambo Berry’s colorful trailer.

It’s going to be a delicious summer!

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